“Being a PA at CHA means being part of the team – being flexible, willing and able to fill in the gaps. This can be answering a nurse’s question, leading a meeting or seeing a patient. To patients this looks like a familiar face, and care and attention that makes them feel they’re with someone who knows them.”

Kelly McAree, PA-C
Primary Care,
CHA Windsor Street Care Center
Mcaree Kelly

“I work at CHA because I want to be somewhere that is dedicated to serving the entire community, including the most vulnerable.”

Laura Janneck, MD
Emergency Medicine
Training: Brigham & Women’s Hospital
and MA General Hospital

“Working at CHA lets me help our vibrant and diverse patient population. I also enjoy working closely with primary care colleagues to give our patients coordinated care.”

Shane Kappler, MD
Emergency Medicine
Training: Georgetown University Hospital
Kappler Shane

“Being a PA is a great privilege. My position allows me to see patients at their most vulnerable times. I have to be constantly aware of the patient’s perspective, and know that although this is a day at work for me, this is usually a crisis for the person coming into the hospital.”

Marita Barrett, PA-C
Emergency Medicine

“I chose to work at CHA because the care we provide truly is patient-centered, with constant collaboration among members of the treatment team.”

Joseph Butash, MD
Emergency Medicine
Trained at: Hahnemann
University Hospital

“I chose CHA for the opportunity to take care of women from many cultures, throughout their lives, in the office, maternity floor and in the operating room. Each patient brings their own unique life challenges, and I value building caring and lasting relationships with them.”

Manasa Patna, MD, MPH
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Training: Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital
Patna Manasa

“I am proud to work at CHA as part of an excellent bone and joint team. I also love our patients – they are so diverse and interesting.”

Sam Doppelt, MD
Orthopaedic Surgery
Fellowship Training: MA General Hospital
Doppelt Samuel

“I work with thoughtful and caring individuals who are terrific patient advocates. It is good to know that we can make a difference here.”

Arundhati Ghosh, MD, FACS
General Surgery
Fellowship Training: New England
Medical Center
Ghosh Arudhati

“It is exciting to work in a community setting, helping people from diverse cultures with limited resources. Every day we support healthy living and disease prevention in innovative ways. That is why I chose a career in medicine, and why I enjoy working at CHA.”

Henry He, MD
Training: Long Island
Jewish Medical Center

“Being a PA is important because I am able to practice medicine and care for our patients under the supervision of physician. I enjoy working at CHA because we serve multicultural patients and focus on caring for the community. The mission and values of CHA fit my interest very well. I love the cardiology group, especially its workplace culture.”

Xiaoming Bi, PA-C

“CHA lets me help prevent heart disease and treat it once it happens. I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives.”

Daniela Budiu, MD, FACC
Fellowship Training: St. Elizabeth’s
Medical Center

“CHA lets me provide care to a diverse and culturally rich patient population. I learn so much from my patients every day!”

Shruti Sonni, MD
Fellowship Training: Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical Center